The RGM Sales Process

We strive to deliver a world class experience using a proprietary combination of engineering and good old fashioned hard work. Lets get started.

  • Overview

    RGM is a precision cold finishing mill that takes raw bar stock from a rolling mill and turns it into a clean, round, and straight precision round bar ready to be used as bar stock for making finished parts.

  • Quote

    The first step is to let our sales representative’s know the quantity, grade, diameter, length, heat treat condition, finish type, and country of origin you require for your job.  This is a good time to provide any engineering spec sheets or drawings if you have them.  Your dedicated RGM Sales representative will work diligently to provide you with a price and lead time for your request.

  • Purchase Order

    After reviewing RGM’s proposal, you will need to issue a formal purchase order reflecting the quantity, grade, diameter, length, heat treat condition, finish type, specs, and country of origin you require for your job.  Your dedicated sales representative will send you an order acknowledgement to confirm that we have received your order and that it is being processed.

  • Production Scheduling

    Your order is very important to us, so we do the best that we can to produce it as soon as possible.  Your product gets scheduled to go through a series of manufacturing processes on specific machine centers.

  • Manufacturing

    The moment we have all been waiting for, time to fire up the machines. Your product may go through the following processes while at our facility: rotary straightening, turning (peeling), centerless grinding, belt polishing, chamfering, saw cutting, and non-destructive testing.

  • Quality Control

    RGM’s dedicated machine operators which are responsible for making your material apply a series or quality control checks while manufacturing your product to make sure it is done exactly to your specifications.  Those quality checks could include: a visual inspection, applying a micrometer, using a roundness gauge, inspection on a straightness table, eddy current testing, and UT testing.  Our goal is to always make sure you get what you ordered.

  • Packaging

    Your product has been manufactured and inspected, time to put it in some protective packaging so it can be shipped to you.  The packaging types are, standard bundling with no surface protection, paper tubed and bundled, collared and boxed, paper tubed and boxed, u-crate, and palletized.  Different material types require different types of packaging to ensure safe delivery.

  • Shipping

    Your product is ready! Congratulations, you are about to experience some of the roundest, straightest, consistent diameter bar stock material ever made by a US manufacturer.  Let’s just say that we take pride it making your life easier by getting rid of your quality headaches.  At this point, our dedicated customer service representatives will contact you in order to get your order scheduled for pickup with your own carrier or if you chose to have RGM deliver, then we will call ahead to let you know when we will drop off.

  • Invoicing

    Finally, RGM will issue you an invoice for the material that was produced at the time of shipment.  Your terms and conditions with RGM are determined prior to the order being acknowledged through our credit department.  Just for a sense of what to expect, our typical standard terms are Net 30.

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