The Round Table: Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to the first post on The Round Table, a blog by Round Ground Metals. RGM Brings the innovative spirit to the world of manufacturing, and this blog will part of that. This blog will be a resource.  It will feature a broad variety of voices bringing you Brand-RGM adjacent information. This may include company and industry news, technical education resources, or interesting tidbits that our employees and customers can find value in.

The metals industry is not immune from the challenges our world faces. Our work is moving, steadily and surely, deep into the digital realm.  While it can take some time for big changes to make their way upstream, be sure that they are coming. It is necessary that we embrace this change. It will not be enough to try to catch up once the change has been made. 

We look forward to seeing you back here often as we embrace the opportunities these changes bring us.